Free Your Mind & Your Ride Will Follow

Free Your Mind & Your Ride Will Follow by COBLAS. In a way the name speaks for itself but doesn’t tell us much either. When Laurent  » Lo2  » Lozes, head of the project FYM&YMWF, came to see if COBLAS was up to participating to the project and that the only interest was to focus on our dearest sport with a bunch of dudes and gals, we couldn’t say no. And the result is here, a thorough
exposition which took place in the  » Keep a breast  » gallery ( Rue du Ruat / Bordeaux ) since the beginning of june 13th ; and a Skimfest to make all men and women green with envy, was held the 6th and 7th of July at La Pointe du Cap-Ferret.

We are truly glad to have participated to this story and we wanted to thank all the clique for this project : Laurent (lo2), Rémy (R3ms), Olivier (Groovy Baby), Matéo (Dune Skimboard), Pascal (Unamas Skimboard), Yan (Hidden Wood alaia), Clément (The Sailor), Julien Raynaud (Deuxième Séquence Prod), Daniela Garreton, J.L. Romero, Bernard Vimond, J.R. Barrière, Valentin Boury, Mannick Pichon, Cécile Franssen, Emmeline Lestrade, Charlotte Zanin Zuccari, Juliette Ceccarelli , Shirley Nahon et Charles Maury (Keep A Breast Europe) and us (Coblas Skimboard).

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