Coffin Wrap

Lo2 X Coffin Wrap
COBLAS already raised the question with its wave wooden board, better known as  » THE WRAP « . With a few technological developments, a feather-light version is born. Here there is a new UFO ( Unidentified Floating Object ) bearing the name  » COFFIN WRAP « . This funny thing comes right out the imagination of the most nonconformist wave rider : Our Friend Lo2. After a brief coming in our nimble-fingered shaper’s hands, this funny piece of equipment has now become reality.

But, I see you comin’ :  » Yeah right.. does it really float ?  » All we can say is that Maxime  » Willy  » Vimond just got the job done. Here is the proof …
Willy X Coffin WrapWilly X Coffin Wrap
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